Works Cited                                                                                          

                                                                                        Primary Sources: 3                                                                                                          

Remington Standard Typewriter. Advertisement. The Stenographer 1993: 319. Print.             

The 1888 advertisement for the Remington Standard Typewriter was widely spread and advertised one of the first American typewriters. This advertisement provides for a primary look into the product, as well as the hype that it created. Selling from ninety to a hundred dollars, this product help make writing a more accessible art form. 

Remington Typewriter. Advertisement. Modern Mechanix. Web. <>. 

This website includes an advertisement for an early Remington Typewriter. Once again, this advertisement provides a nice primary look into the Remington Company's typewriters. These typewriters were one of the first on the market and the advertisement was widely spread. 

"Remington Typewriter Co. Gains. " New York Times (1857-1922)  5  Aug. 1922,ProQuest Historical  Newspapers The New York Times (1851 - 2006), ProQuest. Web.  8 May. 2010.             

An article from the New York Time from August 5th,  1922  that shows the profits made by the Remington Typewriter company. Provides a good primary look in to the company and how the American public reacted to the new invention. The company had gained a large sum of profits, which implies that the American public had begun to purchase these machines.                                                                                        

                                                                                           Secondary Sources: 8                                                                                                   

Adler, Michael H. Antique Typewriters, from Creed to QWERTY. Atglen, Pa.: Schiffer Pub., 1997. Print. 

A large guide of typewriters including a history of the individual typewriter. Photographs are included as well as price guides and useful facts. This information is not incredibly helpful, but provides  a good overview of the development of typewriters in the 1800s, including its impact on the average American household and the development of the keyboard configuration as more and more models were released. This is originally designed for typewriter collectors, so it includes mostly technical details that would not be incredibly useful in my own research. 

Antique Typewriters. Web. 23 Apr. 2010. <>. 

The website is ran and maintained by a typewriter collector. It includes lists and summaries of different types of typewriters. It also includes facts and stories involving typewriters. Typewriter care tips are also found here. It is not too helpful, but it does include a lot of information on how this invention contrasted with the earlier methods of printing. The facts in this website were very useful in polishing my information and making it more interesting. 

"Christopher Latham Sholes." Christopher Latham Sholes. Web. 23 Apr. 2010. <>. 

The biography of Christopher Sholes provides an overview of the mechanic’s life, including the invention of the typewriter. It gives a better view into the life of the inventor, and shows the importance of the typewriter to America. This short biography helps me understand the life of the inventor, as well as the factors that lead to this revolutionary invention. 

"E Remington & Sons - 1816 to 1889." Remington Society of America. Web. 23 Apr. 2010.<>. 

The website of all things Remington includes many advertisements, photographs, and facts about E Remington & Sons, the company that created the typewriter. This information provides many useful visuals and small facts on the company. The advertisements and photographs include a firsthand look into the hype of the new invention, as well as the effect it had on the American household. Though originally incredibly expensive, these Remington typewriters were one of the earliest typewriters in America.

Linoff, Victor M. The Typewriter: an Illustrated History : Typewriter Topics. Mineola, N.Y.: Dover Publications, 2000. Print. 

Originally published in a 1993 trade journal, the rare piece of literature follows the development of typewriters through the 1800's. Featuring over 250 different typewriters as well as company histories and period advertisements, this book is one of the best documentations of the typewriter in American history. It provides the perfect overview of the reaction caused by the new inventions .

"Typewriter - Typewriter History." Blog on Blog of Stuff .com. Web. 08 May 2010. <>.            

 A website that focuses on how the typewriter revolutionized the lives of the American writer, including the changes in each individual model and how they changes the ways of the writer. This website greatly shows the contrast between life before the typewriter and life after the invention of the machine. 

Virtual Antique Typewriter Museum. Web. 18 Apr. 2010. <>.             

The popular website including lists of typewriters and their history also includes charts, timelines, and a virtual library listing hundreds of books on typewriters. Aimed for collectors and researchers, this website includes many other small pieces of valuable information. I found that this website is updated and maintained often, which provides me with new and accurate information.

Wershler-Henry, Darren S. The Iron Whim: a Fragmented History of Typewriting. Ithaca: Cornell UP, 2007. Print. 

This 300 page book is one of the most detailed sources I could find. It highlights the effects on the American writer as well as the average household. It gives a wonderful look into how this invention reformed American print. This features stories of early writers' experiences with the machine.
The standard Remington keyboard layout