Process Paper

A Royal typewriter
      Writing has always been a very important part of my life. Faced with an opportunity to further explore this exciting topic, I searched for an important subtopic of literature that would narrow my area of research. My curiosity of prints' development over time led me to the topic of typewriters, and how they reformed American literature. Through careful use of books, encyclopedias, articles, charts, graphs, and the internet I have conducted my research and furthered my understanding of this revolutionary machine. I wondered how this machine changed the printing industry as well as the lives of writers everywhere, and I was curious of the effects it had on the average American household at the time. 
      By first heading to my public library, I was easily able to find a few books that were very useful.The Typewriter: An Illustrated History by Victor M. Linoff proved incredibly useful in my research, as well as the many articles and web pages that I have come across in my research. Eventually I began to structure my project so that I could begin to write on my findings. After branching out to the many achievements that reformed the American printing industry, I was struck with a realization of the bounty of information that could be reached through my resources.
       I once again visited my public library, and I was able to find two incredibly useful books,Antique Typewriters: From Creed to QWERTY and The Iron Whim: A Fragmented History of Typewriting. This proved incredibly useful in my research since it highlighted how this invention changed the lives of writers everywhere. With this basic information I was able to begin writing. By searching through ProQuest, I quickly found a database that included every article from the New York Times since it was created in the mid 1800s. I typed in “Remington Typewriter” and I was able to find a report on the profitgain of the company in 1922. This provided me with a good look into how the American public reacted to the invention, and if the product was a success. 
      After completing my process paper and research, I started building my webpage. I created multiple pages and included graphics and photographs to provide a visual experience. Once I had created multiple pages, I published the website and started adding and revising it daily. Eventually, my website was completed and the information I had gathered was available for anyone to see.

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