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A Change in American Values

The inside keys of a Remington typewriter.
The invention of the typewriter reformed American lifestyle.  Americans spent a lot of time writing on these machines, and writing letters soon became a craze. The typewriter developed periodically over time to make it for accessible for the American public.

-Families sent letters to each other very often, and almost all of these letters were soon typed on typewriters.

-The machine also reformed and revolutionized businesses by creating new methods of completing everyday tasks.

-In turn, this changed the way all businesses and households were run during the 20th century.

-The original Remington typewriter included a QWERTY keyboard layout and basic functions, but did not include a Shift key or a backspace key.

-Typewriters were originally very noisy, and any error made was not reversable.

-As new models of the typewriter were introduced, noiseless typewriters overpowered the original and QWERTY typewriters overpowered other layouts.

-With the invention of the Shift and Backspace keys, the machine became even more practical.

The standard font on most American typewriters,.