A Drastic Change in the American Lifestyle

An American man experimenting with an early model typewriter in the 19th century.
The typewriter revolutionized the print industry as well as American values. 

-Thousands of schools around the country switched to typewriters as an alternative to manual writing.

-This technology completely revolutionized Western education and allowed students a chance to learn a skill that would later be essential in any business.

-The manufacturing of these machines created new innovations in factories and businesses throughout America.

-Dozens of new companies formed to create higher quality typewriters. Remington Company released many more typewriters in efforts of competing with other companies.

-Before the invention of the typewriter, many workers were needed to manually complete tasks

-After the typewriter was introduced to business, less workers were needed and companies were able to save time and money.

Early models of typewriters. Both of which do not have a QWERTY layout. These typewriters were much harder to use than the QWERTY Remingtons
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