A New Model of the American Business

A woman writing a letter on an early model typewriter.
The invention of the typewriter created a literary movement all throughout the nation. Thousands of the machines were sold. Many Americans began to write almost all of their letters or paper on the machine. 

 -Businesses began to use typewriters for memos, letters, and paperwork. Handwritten invoices and memos soon became obsolete.

-By the 20th century, almost all business and personal letters were written on typewriters and not by hand. 

-The use of the typewriter in the office saved workers a lot of time.

-Newspapers also used the new technology to spread the word of important news in a more effective manner.

-The Remington Company as well as many other typewriter industries created handfuls of jobs for Americans. These companies soon took over America, mirroring the actions that took place during the Industrial Revolution.

-As the Remington 6 and the Remington 10 were released, the typewriter had taken over the nation. Typewriters were commonly used in schools as well as in businesses.

-In schools, most essays and assignments began to be completed on typewriters, as opposed to manual writing.

-High quality handwriting was no longer a necesary skill, so overall handwriting quality decreased over time.


Typewriter keys
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